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Ramzi Theory

This Method is more for fun!

for ultrasounds between 6-9 weeks

Some expecting ladies will have a ultrasound scan around 6 weeks onwards for many reasons.

With this ultrasound age you can use ”Ramzi Theory” by using placenta positioning (not which side the baby or yolk sac is on)

The popularity of the Ramzi theory on forums and groups may lead you to believe that it is a very reliable way to tell the gender of your baby, but with still images this isn't as straight forward and accuracy is definitely lowered

There is an indicator on the probe so when scanning a patient, depending the position of the probe the right of the screen is the patients right to left, or head to toe, 

So a placenta on the left side of ultrasound (your maternal right) means boy, while a placenta on the right side of ultrasound (your maternal left) indicates a girl.

A great number of people are trying to use Ramzi Theory but do not know how ultrasound works or left from right, top or bottom.

One of the more difficult things for the average person is the fact that left and right are reversed in an ultrasound image, so here is where left and right are:

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What Do I Do?

I will look at the surrounding anatomy on your scan “ if seen” to determine the orientation of the scan. Everything on your ultrasound will be drawn out and labelled to show you, most importantly where the placenta has started to form,  as well as any other visible pregnancy matter like fetal pole, yolk sac.

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